Pre-litigation Phase

We believe that a court or arbitral tribunal should always be the last resort to solve disputes and crises. It is therefore our goal to resolve our clients’ conflicts out of court as early as possible through legal and strategic advice.


The decision-making process as to whether legal action should be initiated is often complex. In addition to the chances of success, other factors, such as the duration and costs of the legal dispute as well as impending reputational risks, must be weighed and assessed. All lawyers of the firm can draw on extensive experience in this area.


In order to avoid liability under criminal law and reputation risks, it is essential for companies to establish compliance management systems, which structurally prevent legal violations and safeguard the compliance with ethical guidelines.


Our extensive experience in crisis situations helps us to initially conduct a risk analysis in various business areas of our clients to then establishment the required compliance systems by way of internal guidelines, monitoring processes and training measures.


In this context, a balance between the company’s legal obligations and business judgement is crucial.

Communication & Policy Advice

Successful companies and start-ups are regularly under close scrutiny of consumer, employee, data and environmental protection associations. This is often joined by a particularly critical observation and interest of the media as well as corresponding information inquiries.


We help our clients to establish a strong external communication strategy enabling an optimized public relations work. In this context, we also accompany and support written or oral statement preparations vis-à-vis authorities, the press and further external stakeholders.


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